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About Order:

Can i change my order?

-You will only have 10-15 minutes to cancel your order items when only you are signed in. Unfortunately after that, we are unable to make any changes on your order.

How do i track my order?

-You will be given a confirmation email order and tracking information after your order has been successfully been ordered. If not, please Whatsapp us at: +60175864277.

Can i order my items through Whatsapp?

Yes, Please Whatsapp us at +60175864277. We will guide you from there.

How long will it take to arrived?

Your order will usually take around 24-48 hours to be dispatched. Delivery time will depend on where your location at. Please refer to Shipping Policy

How can return my order?

-Please refer to our Return & Exchange policy

If i do not received my order?

-Please provide us your tracking number & order ID to our email at [email protected] or Whatsapp us at +60175864277. We will check your order details and get back to you ASAP

I cannot make the payment?

-We recommend to refresh the page. If you still cannot make the payment, please Whatsapp us immediately at +60175864277 or email us at [email protected].We are happy to help.

I put the wrong information?

-You will only have 10-15 minutes to cancel or change your order items when only you are signed in. Once you are given a tracking number confirmation, we will not able to make any changes to your order. Please do send us a message via email [email protected] or Whatsapp +60175864277 if you having any technical difficulties. We are happy to help.

How do i know the right size of my order?

-Please refer to the size guide section on our product catalogue or Whatsapp us +60175864277 for recommendation

My order is lost?

-Please provide us your tracking id and order id to [email protected] .We will solve this ASAP.

About Shipping

How can i get my tracking number?

-You will get your tracking number via email when your order has been succesfully been shipped. If you do not received any email, please email us [email protected] or Whatsapp us at +60175864277.

Can i get a refund on my shipping?

-We do not responsible to any refund on your shipping delivery. We recommend you to contact the shipping courier services and provide your tracking information for any details.

How do i pay the shipping cost?

- Your shipping cost will be automatically added during your checkout.

About Security & Safety

Is it safe to order?

-YES, our site is SSL secured. your information safety on our site is our priority. If you have any suspicious information about our services, Please do not hesitate to reach us via email at [email protected] or simply Whatsapp us at +60175864277. We are happy to help.

About Promotions, Coupons, News

How can i get a discount code?

-Discount codes are subject to any events,promotions, signed up members accordingly. You will get notified and will be given a unique code for a discount,promotion,etc through your emails.

How do i apply discount codes?

- You can only apply our each unique discount codes through our website only. Apply or Enter your codes during your checkout. Your order will be auto deducted.

The codes is not working?

-We recommend you to log out from your account and refresh the page first. If it still does not work, Please emails us to [email protected] .

About Payment

How do i pay?

  1. Log in to your account.(optional)
  2. Click on the items that you liked. Picked your size and quantity requirement.
  3. Click ADD TO CART button and click CHECKOUT.
  4.  Fill in your shipping details
  5. Pick your payment method (online banking, bank deposit, paypal, credit/debit card,etc)
  6. Wait until your payment has been sucessfully made.
  7. Wait for your items to be arrived.

About Warranty

Can i change size of my order?

-You will have 10-15 minutes to cancel your order and make a new order when only you are signed in. You cannot make any changes to your order once you are given tracking information via email

I got the wrong sizes?

-If you received any wrong sizes of your exact order, Please send us your order ID to [email protected] or Whatsapp us at +60175864277. We are ready to help.

My order is damaged?

-We do not responsible to any damaged items by the shipping courier services or any damages from normal wear & tear(improper care). If your order have any manufacturing defect on any items, we will send you a replacement of your item immediately once your items is returned.

Please refer to our Return & Exchange policy on how to return the items.

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